Suffer from Sea Sickness?

How to Avoid Sea Sickness When Going on Our Amelia Island Boat Fishing Trips

Mal de Mer, commonly known as seasickness, can be for many a side affect of being out on the water, and something which will almost definitely ruin a person’s enjoyment. Symptoms range from vomiting, nausea, lack of equilibrium and dizziness. Seasickness happens when a person’s brain gets conflicting messages where their body is. It happens when your inner ear and skin receptors show to your brain, your body is moving but your eyes cannot agree on this. This disorientation will confuse your brain, and the physical result is seasickness. However, there are some ways to avoid this. We, at Amelia Island boat fishing trips based in the Fernandina Beach, FL area, have provided some techniques which may help you.

Take medication.

Some types of antihistamine, such as Dramamine, can work to treat the symptoms of seasickness before they happen. Taking Dramamine the night before you are going out to sea gives the medication time to calm stimulation to your inner ear. Then, take more around an hour before you are leaving, this will be the medication time to work. Many people that do this report no seasickness.

Keep your eye on the horizon.

People who suffer from seasickness need to stay on the deck, and keep their eyes focused on the horizon. By doing this, you are better able to maintain your equilibrium. This decreases the amount of confusing signals which is sent to your brain. In addition, the fresh air and open space, normally helps anyone that is suffering from seasickness.

Watch what you eat and drink the night before.

Too much alcohol, greasy or fatty food the night before does bring on seasickness. By eating lightly, you will not feel any after effects from your over consumption when the morning arrives. If you go out on a boat while already feeling nauseous, you’re only a step away from getting seasick. Get sufficient sleep the night before, this also helps one to feel fresh and ready for their long awaited Amelia Island boat fishing trips.

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