Offshore fishing

Enjoy Your Offshore Fishing Together With Charters Fishing Amelia Island Fishing Experts


Are you confused on what to do during your holiday? If so, one of the most pleasurable leisure activities that you should try out is fishing. If it’s your first time, you’ll definitely go on for the cruise of a lifetime. If you’re off the Florida coast, Amelia Island Time Charters is the charters fishing Amelia Island trip in Fernandina Beach, FL that will guide you throughout the trip!

Offshore fishing needs the right equipment.

Experience the feeling of the sea breeze hitting your face and thinking about how life is great when you’re cruising on the great Atlantic Ocean to get the biggest catch of a lifetime. Offshore fishing will bring you miles away at sea until you lose the sight of the shore. In this type of big game fishing, you need the right equipment that you need in order to make your trip enjoyable and worthwhile. While there are no definite chances that you’ll hook some monster fish, you’ll probably enjoy chasing some. Professional fishing service providers will give you the opportunity to use mighty and durable rods out in the open sea. They also have the appropriate live bait to use so you will have a “bite” in no time. You have to understand that once you’re in the deep fishing zone, using a normal rod can easily bend and break. If you’re raring to reel in some huge trophies such as bluefin tuna, swordfish, and mako shark, you’ll definitely need the equipment and fishing gears from a professional fishing boat service provider.


Captain Kevin and his crew got all the equipment for you.

If you’re heading out to Florida’s Atlantic coast to go offshore fishing, Amelia Island Time Charters is the charters fishing Amelia Island tour in Fernandina Beach, FL that will meet your requirements. We will prioritize your convenience during the whole trip, so if you come to us for your fishing charter needs, we have all the fishing rods and gears that you need to reel in a monster fish out in the deep sea zone! There’s no need to experience the hassle of bringing your own fishing rod because we got your covered. We also use large and fast crafts so we will be able to arrive at the fishing spot on time and schedule!

Avail yourself of charters fishing Amelia Island tours like Amelia Island Time Charters in Fernandina Beach, FL to experience quality fishing experience and convenience! Contact Captain Kevin by dialing (904) 753-2687 and know more about the details!