Fly fishing

Master the Art of Fly Fishing With the Guidance of a Pro Fishing Charter Service


If you’ve been addicted to fishing lately, good for you. You’ll definitely have more reasons to spend more time outdoors and a good reason to ditch work. In the big world of fishing, freshwater and saltwater fishing can be two different concepts that both require specialized equipment. For one, if you’re interested in fly fishing, you’re on the right page. Amelia Island Time Charters is the reliable fishing charter service provider in Fernandina Beach, FL and in Florida’s Atlantic coast.


Fly fishing requires the guidance of a pro angler.

Since you’ll be using an artificial bait, staring at your fishing rod and waiting for a bite is unlikely to happen. In this type of fishing, you need techniques to be able to deceive a fish that your hairy bait is live and kicking! Hiring a professional to guide you in your lesson and fishing trips will give you the opportunity to learn fly fishing accurately and quickly, from casting to reeling. Whereas hiring a guide who is inexperienced in fly fishing, you’ll not only spend money but waste your time praying for the sea nymphs to give you a good catch. Captain Kevin and our crew will be able to help you with your fly fishing tutorial and basics!


We can teach you the secrets of fly fishing on the fly!

Amelia Island Time Charters is the reliable fishing charter service provider in Fernandina Beach, FL that will give you the fishing experience of a lifetime in the Amelia Island. Our professional guides and anglers are trained in different fishing styles and methods and are ready to impart some of their wisdom to you. Not only that, we can provide you inshore or offshore trips for your convenience, whether you’re a beginner or an amateur! We also have all the equipment and materials that you need in fly fishing. We’ll educate you with the different artificial fly baits, too! With our affordable service fee, you’ll definitely want to come back every weekend just to cast your fishing rod for your trophy!


Amelia Island Time Charters is the fishing charter service in Fernandina Beach, FL that will allow you to master the art of fly fishing in no time. Yes, in no time if you come back every weekend for a fishing charter, then why not? Feel free to call us at (904) 753-2687 to know our trip schedule that will suit best for your time-strapped lifestyle!