Enjoy Backwater Angling Together With Fishing Charter Pros

Ever wanted to catch the biggest game fish? If so, there’s no need to go into the open water and brave the waves because you can definitely hook some huge sea bass or largemouth bass in the backwater. If you’re a freshwater angler and wants to transition to saltwater fishing, this will serve as your training ground! Amelia Island Time Charters is the fishing charter in Fernandina Beach, FL that will guide you through a lot of flat fishing spots!


Get guided by pros to ideal backwater fishing spots

If you really want to experience backwater fishing, you might want to find an expert guide who will paddle you through shallow waters. For one, fishing spots are important, whether you’re an amateur angler or a pro fisher. Also, a professional fishing trips service provider will be able to determine if it’s the right season for fishing, likewise, they will tell you upfront if you’re in the most inappropriate time to go fishing. Aside from that, one of the important reasons that you need a professional guide is that they are able to identify which channel or tidal flats to fish for a specific species of bass or redfish. Anyhow, getting a professional in shore fishing guide with you will keep you safe and ensure that you’ll definitely hook one compared to going out all alone in a marsh.


Captain Kevin and the crew can bring you to the ideal fishing spot in Amelia Islands

When you’re raring to go fishing, don’t hesitate to contact Captain Kevin and our crew of awesome and reliable fishing guides here at Amelia Island Time Charters in Fernandina Beach, FL. Our fishing charter will provide you direct routes to ideal fishing spots in the area. If you have fear in deep water, there’s no need to worry, with our expertise in the area, we’ll make sure that we’ll hop on a boat and paddle our way through tidal flats, potholes, and grass beds. Our guides will lead you to fishing spots that are safe to fish. Plus, we will be able to provide you comfortable boats during the whole trip!

Fishing in the right place at the right time will give you the satisfaction that you need. Avail yourself of our fishing charter at Amelia Island Time Charters in Fernandina Beach, FL so you can master ideal fishing spots in the area! Feel free to give us a call at (904) 753-2687.