Deep sea trolling

Amelia Island Fishing Will Lett You Experience the Fishing Charter of a Lifetime


If you already have an experience of inshore and offshore fishing, now is the right time to level up! You may have been jumping for joy when you have caught a largemouth bass or a trout, but nothing beats catching sea monsters like bluefins, swordfish, marlins, and sharks. Don’t contain your excitement for recreational fishing! Head over to Florida’s Atlantic coast and look for our Amelia Island fishing guide at Amelia Island Time Charters in Fernandina Beach, FL.



Deep sea trolling requires the right boat for the trip.

Going out in the open water sounds fun, not until you’ll be riding a small boat. If you’re interested in deep sea trolling, you’ll have to hire a professional fishing charter boat to lead you to different spots. There are a lot of disadvantage if you don’t use a large boat during this trip. For one, a small boat can get rocky while you’re on the open sea. You’ll easily get seasick and might lose your interest in big game sport before arriving at your backwater fishing location. Don’t trade the convenience, excitement, and experience just for a couple of bucks. If you don’t have the money to hire a private charter service provider, then you better stay at home and watch your goldfish in the aquarium. But if budget is not a problem, then you won’t regret that you’ve stepped on Captain Kevin’s deep sea trolling boat!


We got huge boats to let you enjoy the trip throughout the day!

Sit back and watch as you lose the sight of the shore together with professional Amelia Island fishing guides and Captain Kevin if you avail our services at Amelia Island Time Charters in Fernandina Beach, FL. We have a wide array of large sport fishing boats that you can choose to let you experience total satisfaction! All our boats are properly maintained and are safe to travel. We have comfortable couches on board and other amenities to make your trip memorable and enjoyable. We also have a dedicated spot on our boat where you can sit and enjoy the view as you wait for a bite! We also make sure that our boats are cleaned, sanitized, and fragrant all the time!


Deep sea trolling would never be the same with Amelia Island fishing guide pros like Amelia Island Time Charters in Fernandina Beach, FL. Give us a call at (904) 753-2687 to know more about our services and sightseeing views!