Discover Freedom with Amelia Island Fishing Charter Service

Do you want to take a break from  the big city and your daily cares? Do you want to reunite with nature and feel alive again? If you need an experience that is both exciting and relaxing, and you love the ocean, why not consider the Amelia Island fishing charter service provided by Amelia Island Time Charters?

We all are born to be free. However, modern people live their lives mostly confined within walls and craving for the freedom they are entitled to. While it is true that we need our homes and offices, we also require a change from  time to time, to recharge our batteries and find the necessary inspiration to continue our daily struggles. And what better inspiration than Mother Nature. The ocean is among its more powerful and freedom-inspiring creations – a vast open space of blue and fresh winds that holds a promise of boundless opportunities and adventure.

The mysterious power of the deep blue can perhaps never be fully explained, and neither can be its force to attract people. But it’s a fact. Yet, not everyone is a sailor or can be all the time. We, at Amelia Island Time Charters, in Fernandina Beach, FL fully understand that, which is why we have found a way to balance your craving for adventure with your tame existence. The Amelia Island fishing charter service that we offer is designed to quench your thirst for interaction with nature at least for a day.

Led by Captain Kevin Blanton, a seasoned seaman for almost 25 years, our fishing excursions will guarantee you a great time exploring the waters from St. George Island to the Cumberland Sound that separates Florida from Georgia, the south jetties of Amelia Island included. These areas are famous for bull redfish. We offer inshore as well as offshore trips. The former target sea flounder, redfish, tarpon and sharks, while the latter – kingfish, cobia, grouper, barracuda, sea bass, amberjack, and triggerfish. Treat yourself to a pleasant fishing charter with friends or family, an experience that is good for both your mind and body! Book your trip now at (904) 753-2687!